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Explore… Customize… Experience… Medical Tourism!
Placid Way, a U.S.-based medical tourism market leader, offers extensive information related to global medical travel.
Placid Way’s network has over 500 renowned medical centers from over 40 countries and 250 cities worldwide. We are a trusted brand offering comprehensive, full-service solutions. We facilitate services consumers either couldn’t afford or couldn’t find.
We are able to help customers from all over the world get access to personalized, safe, and affordable medical care, no matter where they are from, meeting their budget requirements. Our goal is to help each customer make the right decision when it comes to choosing health care options abroad. Placid Way provides enormous options including cosmetic surgeries, dental treatments, obesity/weight loss, stem cell, orthopedic surgeons, fertility and many more.
Placid Way at a Glance…
• Founded in 2007, a leader in Medical Tourism
• Over 500 medical providers globally
• More than 40 countries, over 250 cities worldwide
• Over 600 top doctors worldwide
• Over 1 million visitors annually from all over the world
• Global patients from Americas, Europe, Middle East, CIS, Africa, and Asia Placid Way’s Targeted Global Solutions
Placid Way has become a leading medical tourism company with most extensive information in the industry. We invite to explore our portfolio websites: – premier global portal for Medical Tourism
MedicalTourism.Video - only medical tourism website focused on Videos – best practices for Medical Tourism and Wellness – targeted promotional website – targeted to attract consumers from Middle East – targeted to attract Chinese speaking patients – global portal for Wellness Programs – global blog for Medical Tourism and Wellness
Placid Mobile - Placid Way’s iPhone and Android Mobile Apps Placid Way Advantage
• Premier and most comprehensive medical tourism portal
• Direct access to global international patients
• Global call centers- most comprehensive international patient coordination experience • Increase international patient revenues
• Build your digital reputation beyond your own website
Premier global medical tourism portal… Offering everything a patient needs to research, plan, and make decisions for medical travel.
Placid Way Contact Information:
Pramod Goel
President & CEO
Placid Way
Denver, Colorado USA
Phone: +1.303.317.3607
Fax: +1.720.496.1740
Websites: ● ●